Symmetrical diminished phrase

Sym Shape Dim phrases

Bob DeVos "Misty" solo

Here’s the Bob DeVos “Misty” solo with tab. Misty Bob DeVos solo

DeVos #2

Here’s another Devos lick....
Using chromatic on the Bb-7 between the 11th & the b3rd/bebop scale.
Also anticipating the Eb7 with Gb F and E(b9). Making use of b9 and #9 going to the Abmaj7.
On Ab he uses triads Eb Ab G- triad, ending with a F- triad with the 9th.
You could play the G note in the 5th measure on the second string.

DeVos #2_0001

Bob DeVos II-V7 Lick

Here’s a II-V7 lick of Bob Devos from a recording of “Misty” off a recording of Reuben Wilson Trio: Reuben Wilson Trio Revisted.
They take the song with a double feel so every chord is play twice as long.
Devos II-v lick

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