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Read what parents and students are saying:

“The Obi-Wan Kenobi of guitar teachers”
-parent of 14 yr old.

“Phenomenal teacher”
- unsolicited referral, Nov. 2013

"My 11 year old son has been taking guitar lessons with Brian Murphy for six months. When he started with Brian, there were gaps in my son’s playing that had been left by other teachers. Brian immediately went to work identifying, and filling in those gaps. Brian covers theory, note literacy, chords, scales, improvising, and styles in every lesson. This comprehensive approach is Brian’s greatest asset. He will make you or your child into a complete player and musician. Brian also has an excellent rapport with my son. He is direct and focused, yet kind. I am a musician and teacher myself, and I whole heartedly recommend Brian Murphy."
—Andy, musician parent of 12 year old student

Taking lessons with Brian Murphy really accelerated my playing.  His knowledge with music theory gave me a better understanding of music. Throughout the lessons I took I always had a good time playing along with Brian.  He set up a fun and exciting atmosphere to learn and play music.  I greatly appreciate everything he did for me.-- Tommy, Adult student

I've been working with Brian Murphy for close to six-months and it has been a great learning experience. For myself I needed a knowledgeable talented teacher to be patient, yet strong to push my learning curve. After taking a long time away from studying formally I feel I was very fortunate to be back learning music theory and jazz guitar the right way with a great teacher. Finding a clear concise teacher; who brings positive energy to your time together, makes the music journey more rewarding and more exciting to look to the learning road ahead. - Mike K, adult student.

I have been working Brian for the past 6 months, His experience & back round is what did it for me, I am beginning guitar player. I find Brian to be very knowledgeable and patient. He finds what music you are interested in and helps achieve your goals of playing that music. I look forward to working with Brian in the future.- Arne, adult student

Hi Brian!  I know it's been quite a while.  I wanted to contact you about starting lessons again for Evan.  Evan has taken lessons on and off since he was your student and to be honest, you by far had the most influence.  The approach you provided is what Evan really needs to advance and to grow as a musician.  When we talk to Evan about the real foundation of playing it always comes back to what he learned from you, such as scales, modes, etc.  All he has been doing is copying songs and not learning anything about what he is actually playing. We were wondering if you would take Evan back as a student starting in September? 


My daughter is 12 years old and has been taking guitar lessons with Brian for a little less than a year now and we’ve been very impressed by Brian’s ability to develop her musical ability in a very short period of time!   He came highly recommended by a friend of ours whose teenage son has been taking lessons with Brian and was also very happy.  From the very first session Brian was able to help us figure out which guitar was best for her, restring it and find out what type of music she likes.   Caitlin was able to start learning songs immediately which was a huge motivator!  Sometimes with so many other activities and homework it’s hard to figure out the time to practice but Brian gives assignments to be done every day that only take about 10-15 min. so it’s not overwhelming.  He picks up the songs and the materials that she’ll need for each lesson which is a great help because I’m afraid if I had to go to the music store to pick them up myself I might never get there or would possible pick up the wrong thing.    Brian also uses a computer to teach the music and he e-mail songs and backing tracks so that she is able to play her songs as if she’s the guitarist in a band.  Theory is taught as a part of the songs instead of as a separate task that I’m sure she would have dreaded and possibly would have turned her off completely.   He’s a excellent musician, very professional and has a ton of patience.  We couldn’t be happier with her progress and can’t wait for summer band camp!!   ---Mother of Caitlin, 12 yr. old Pearl River student

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Brian is a great teacher. The first lesson together he makes sure to focus on your likes/dislikes and you end up with a very custom session. 
Whether you want to learn songs, increase technical skill, or compose your own material, Brian knows just where to steer you. 
His relaxed and enthusiastic attitude creates a perfect environment to calmly increase your skills at guitar while having a great time in the process. 
I've been incredibly pleased with the amount of progress he has helped with with in such a short time!
---Alex, Adult Stony Point Student

Brian Murphy is a great guitar teacher. He teaches you from the basics to those hard solos. He lets you chose the songs you want to learn and will help you every step of the way. You don't even have to go to him, he comes to you so you don't need too worry about getting there on time. If you have any problems he helps you with them. He has taught me from playing simple chords to playing songs like " Black Dog", "Iron Man", and "Hotel California". Brian is a great guitar player and teacher.
--John, Teenage Pearl River Student

"Elad's proudest moment this week was when he played (and sang!), over the phone, three songs he had learned to his grandma in Israel.  Thanks, Brian. -- --Grandmother of Elad, 10 year old boy