Guitar Lessons-Music Lessons/Tutoring

What do you need to start taking guitar lessons?

First is a guitar.
You would have to purchase one. Most music stores do not rent guitars.
Look here:
Beginner guitars or

Electric Guitars
Acoustic Guitars
Electric-Acoustic Guitars
Classical Guitars

A tuner and a metronome would be needed. The Korg TM-40 works great!.


If you are going to learn to read music, I use the Hal Leonard Guitar Method for adults and teenagers. Start with Book 1 or the Complete Edition.

Hal Leonard Guitar Method - Book 1
Hal Leonard Guitar Method Complete Edition

For students under 9 or so, Dick Bennett's
Guitar for the Small Fry

Melodic Rhythms for Guitar
Reading Studies for Guitar
Advanced Reading Studies for Guitar
These books are great for getting your sight reading chops up to par.

Blues Licks Encyclopedia        
                            Good starting point for learning blues licks. Comes with CD. 

 Rhythm Guitar - The Complete Guide
Comprehensive book on chords with exercises. Triads, 7ths, three note voicings, 8th note and 16th note rhythms and more.

Ultimate Guitar Technique

Carta Manuscript Paper No. 7 
A manuscript book(music sheets). 

For books and more:

You can email me or call me for more information.
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