Guitar and Bass Lessons in Rockland County
(Stony Point, Pearl River , New City, Congers, Orangeburg, Tappan, Piermont, Blauvelt……)

"Phenomenal teacher"
unsolicited referral, Nov. 2013

"I've been working with Brian Murphy for close to six-months and it has been a great learning experience. For myself I needed a knowledgeable talented teacher to be patient, yet strong to push my learning curve. After taking a long time away from studying formally I feel I was very fortunate to be back learning music theory and jazz guitar the right way with a great teacher. Finding a clear concise teacher; who brings positive energy to your time together, makes the music journey more rewarding and more exciting to look to the learning road ahead." - Mike K, adult student.

Now offering Live Online Guitar Lessons via
Skype, Zoom, Facetime, etc…

What do you want to do on the guitar?

*Learn songs?
*Develop technique?
*Improve your soloing/improvisation?
*Play more melodic solos?
*Write songs?
*Scales, theory,.........
*Learn to read music notation
* Pop *Rock *Blues *Jazz *Metal
* Learn/know what you are playing!!!!!!

Now offering lessons geared towards NYMSSA in Jazz Guitar.
Congratulations to Evan F. for getting 26 out of 28 on NYSSMA Jazz Guitar level 4!!! Job well done!!! That's 28, 28, 26 in three years!!!!

Guitar lessons and guitar teaching are just not about giving the correct information every week. It is more than that. 
How about a guitar teacher to coach and train how to practice correctly and efficiently?
Or a guitar teacher who can be a service to you with additional lesson material, custom backing tracks and advice on anything to do with music or guitar( buying gear, band advice,etc)
How about a guitar teacher that is a friend, mentor, a goal setter,...

If you had the ability to do anything you wanted to do musically, what would it be?
Let's set some goals and achieve them!

Lessons for Rockland County including Stony Point, Nanuet, Nyack, New City, Pearl River, Orangeburg, Blauvelt, Congers, Pomona...
I also teach beginner bass. For the intermediate bassist, Music theory, bass lines, jazz improv and more are taught.

You can email me or call me for more information and free introductory lesson. 845-709-5930.

"I have been working Brian for the past 6 months, His experience & back round is what did it for me, I am beginning Guitar player. I find Brian to be very Knowledgeable, Patient. He finds what Music your interested in helps achieve your goals of playing that music, I look forward to working with Brian in the future."
- Arne, adult student
"Hi Brian!  I know it's been quite a while. I wanted to contact you about starting lessons again for Evan.  Evan has taken lessons on and off since he was your student and to be honest, you by far had the most influence.  The approach you provided is what Evan really needs to advance and to grow as a musician.  When we talk to Evan about the real foundation of playing it always comes back to what he learned from you, such as scales, modes, etc.  All he has been doing is copying songs and not learning anything about what he is actually playing."


"My daughter is 12 years old and has been taking guitar lessons with Brian for a little less than a year now and we’ve been very impressed by Brian’s ability to develop her musical ability in a very short period of time!   He came highly recommended by a friend of ours whose teenage son has been taking lessons with Brian and was also very happy."
---Mother of Caitlin, 12 yr. old Pearl River student

Brian Murphy, B.M., Berklee College of Music
Guitar Lessons - Music Lessons/Tutoring
Computer Recording

Webcam lessons are available
(See below)

* Pop, Rock, Metal,Blues, Jazz * Improvisation
* Music Theory * Harmony * Reading * Computer recording

I am teaching guitar privately and group classes. I can go to your home(Rockland County) or give lessons in my home(Stony Point). I have taught at Rockland Music and with Music to Your Home

Having trouble finding the right teacher locally?
Webcam lessons/online live guitar lessons are also a possibility. Good for long distance lessons, late night/off hour lessons....

Individualized lesson programs are geared toward your goals and the style of music, artists, and bands you are interested in. Chords, Scales, theory, technique and more are covered. Students usually give me a list of songs that they are interested in learning. Students are encouraged to read music so later on they have the ability to learn songs from books and magazines for themselves.
I teach from my own learning/teaching experience and what past teachers have shown me. I use books from Berklee, Hal Leonard, Alfred and more. I usually email students files between lessons to support practicing. I also have custom backing tracks(songs/practice songs without guitar part) available. 

* All ages
* Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced
* In My Home - Stony Point
* In your home- Rockland County(Stony Point, Nanuet, Nyack, New City, Pearl River, Congers,Pomona...)
* Pop *Rock *Blues *Jazz
* Music Theory *Harmony * Reading/Sightreading *Rock & Jazz Improv *Ear training
* Computer Recording - GargeBand, Logic, Guitar Rig, Sibelius
* Midi Guitar

With my past experience in Music Retail sales, I can help you with purchasing guitars, effects, and equipment. I call also help you use any equipment or music software.

I graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor's of Music(B.M.) in performance. I also have studied guitar with Steve Khan, John Abercrombie, Bill Connors and Ken Hatfield.

My Rock influences include Alex Lifeson, Neil Geraldo(Pat Benatar), Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck....

Jazz influences include Steve Khan, Mike Stern, Pat Metheny, Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Michael Brecker, Chic Corea, Jim Hall, Wes Montgomery, Pat Martino.....

Please contact me for availability.  I am patient, flexible and enjoy teaching.

You can
email me or call me for more information. 845-709-5930.

What do you need for guitar lessons?

Recording Guitar With The Computer
Logic/Garageband Lessons/Tutoring/Help

You have a Mac and create music but do not know how to get the most out of GarageBand? Trouble recording on your PC?
Do not know the best way to get the best sound?
I have been using GarageBand since the first day it came out. I have done demonstrations in Apple stores with midi guitar and Garageband.
I have been doing computer recording for over 20 years with Logic and Garageband. Extensive Midi guitar experience!!

Make your own recordings. Create your own loops. Add more loops and sounds. Record with the software instruments. Add original music to your home movies!!

Learn how to connect the equipment, how to optimize your system and more.
More info

Webcams lessons are a possibility.

Email me or call me for more information. 845-709-5930.

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