Rockland Home Recording Workshop

A weekly workshop(one day a week) for 8 Weeks where participants learn about recording to their computer.
Topics to be covered include overview of equipment needed including audio interfaces and digital audio workstations(DAW), recording, editing, mixing and mastering. Through the use of video tutorials and hands-on demonstrations, students will record al least one song from start to finish. Mic placement, recording drums, vocals and instruments, equipment setup, use of effects, troubleshooting and more will be learned.

This is an educational workshop. Students should bring pen/pencil and notebook for note taking. There will be some technical information involved; the hands on recording will make it fun!
No equipment is necessary but if a student has a laptop(or desktop at home) with recording software it is a big plus.

**For participants that have some of the basics already, a level 2 session could be available. More in depth study and use of plugins, mixing, mastering, other features of DAW's and more.

Hours: 1:30-3:00 Saturdays*(level 1)
At Anjel Blue Studios, Nyack
Tution: $280

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*subject to change