Guitar and Bass Lessons in Rockland County
(Stony Point, Pearl River, New City, Congers, Orangeburg, Nanuet, Tappan, Piermont, Blauvelt Nyack……)
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Offering online lessons via Zoom or Skype.
Will be getting back to in-person lessons in the future

Call, text,
email, FB me to get a time slot or
to be put on a wait list for in-person lessons.

Online Student Testimonials

I'm 69 years old and always wanted to play the guitar but never had the time, patience or right instructor. I'm now retired and have been playing the guitar for one year thanks to Brian. He's the perfect compliment to me as an instructor. A person with talent, great musical acumen, and most of all patience. He has given me confidence and the ability to learn at my own pace and comfort. I used to go to his house weekly but with the COVID 19 containment I now have my lessons with Brian on Zoom. We haven't lost a beat being online! Hahaha! Young or old (like me) I highly recommend Brian, if you want the pleasure of learning to play the guitar. - Bob A

Hi, my name is
Nathan and I’m 12 years old, and I’ve played the guitar for 3 years. When I turned 9, my parents decided to get me a guitar, but of course, I needed an instructor to learn it. So, they brought Brian Murphy to help. He is a brilliant instructor, with amazing skill, and he is very patient. Every Friday, he would come to my house and teach me things like songs, scales, and how to solo. Even when we had to switch to Zoom meetings, we still kept at it at the same pace. I feel like thanks to him, I was able to move at a quicker pace than most people when it came to learning how to play the guitar. I would highly recommend Brian Murphy to anyone who wants to learn the guitar.

Brian goes above and beyond to ensure that my online lessons are as effective as my in person ones. At a time when so many of my activities have been taken away, I am happy that I am able to still continue my guitar lessons. Brian is very reliable and extremely flexible. I look forward to my lessons every week! - teenage student

So glad he (we) has you on his team of life!
Appreciate what you bring to the table immensely
Recent comment from parent of guitar student

“The Obi-Wan Kenobi of guitar teachers”
-Musician parent of 14 yr old.

“Phenomenal teacher”
- unsolicited referral, Nov. 2013

Now offering lessons/prep geared towards NYMSSA in Jazz Guitar.

Click here for : Rockland Band Camp info

Home Recording Workshops

A weekly workshop for 8 weeks where participants learn about recording to their 
computer. Topics to be covered include equipment needed, overview of equipment

including audio interfaces and digital audio work stations, recording, editing, mixing, 
and mastering. Through the use of video tutorials and hands-on demonstrations 
students will record at least one song from start to finish. Mic placement, recording 
drums, vocals and instruments, equipment setup, use of effects, troubleshooting 
and more will be learned. 

This is a educational workshop.  Students should bring pen/pencil and notebook for 
note taking. There will be some technical information involved but the hands-on
recording will make it fun.  No equipment is necessary but if the student has a 
laptop with recording software it is a big plus. 
Audacity is a free recording program to get started on. 

Email me or call me for more information. 845-709-5930.

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