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Adam Roger's Autumn Leaves Lick #1

Here’s a lick from Adam Roger’s solo on an uptempo(280bpm) Autumn Leaves. I found a live video of Micheal Brecker at some festival. When I went back to get the info but Youtube had taken it down but I grab the audio before that.

This happens in his first chorus over |A-7b5| D7 |G- | |.
It seems he totally ignores the A-7b5 and just plays over the D7. Barry Harris has been quoted as saying that beboppers do not play the II chord.

Adam uses an Ebm7 arpeggio( upper structure) to Ao7(D7b9) arpeggio then to A augmented triad(?) which produces a C#(nat 7 over during the D7).
The A note in the aug triad resolves to an Ab on the first beat of a G-7 chord again a big dissonant. He continues to a Bb , C, A nat, Bb to an F.

My thought here is that( I could be wrong but trying to organize and explain in my head)-- whenever I see a Nat 7 on a Dom 7 chord I tend to look at it/hear it as a Dominant reharm/approach. So here it is A7 on beat 3 and 4 of the second bar. The Ab, Bb and C in the third bar I relate to D7alt/Ab7(1,2,3,) delayed.Finally the A nat approaches the b3rd of G- on the fourth beat of the bar and we end on the b7 of G- in the last bar.

I used Amazing Slowdowner to transcribe this.

autumn leaves adam rogers #1

autumn leaves AR #1 50%

Dexter Gordon triadic lick

This is from Dexter Gordon’s solo on “Apple Jump” which is based on Rhythm Changes.
This phrase happens at 4:23 on the second 8 of the A section.

It starts with a F triad then moves up a major 3rd to an Ab triad with the 2nd(9th)- 1-2-3-5 pattern.
This continues up a 4th twice to Db and Gb which resolves, as I see/hear it, a 1/2 step back to F (or to the 3rd of A-7).
He then does a quick descending run to that resolves to F( Anticipating the C-7 F7).
I included two possible tabs for this.
Memorize and try to play it the next time you have a I-VIm-IIm-V7 progression. Enjoy!
Any questions, please contact me.


Apple Jump Triad lick