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ii-V scale tone approach

Approach the Am-D7-G chords from a scale tone above the chord tones. Going across the fingerboard with two notes per string.


Quote from a student at the end of a lesson. We were talking about practicing and he says "yes, I am motivated but I am just lazy."

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II-V chromatic approach

Ok, so I am sitting on the couch practicing “Giant Steps”, I come across this little lick that falls really nicely on guitar
over Am7- D7 to G. Play it in 6th position. We use chromatic approach to the 5th and root of Am then to the root and the 3rd of D7 and finally to the third of G and end on the root.

You could use this over a D triad in a rock setting also.

Another version, has us anticipating the D7 and the G chord by a beat.