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Abercrombie phrase

Just started transcribing John Abercrombie’s “ Sometime Ago “ Solo. This is phase from the beginning of the solo that use a polyrhythm of a 1/4 note and and 1/8th note rhythm over 3/4 time, it creates 2:3.

Rock Lydian solo

"Picture Perfect" by Man Overboard is written in B Lydian.
The Solo chord progression is | B | D#m C#. With B being the i chord and we have a II major chord we come up Lydian. The solo does make use of the #4 note and it is a very bright solo.

Wholetone lick

Here’s a Wholetone llck that I came put with ….

A Gm7 arpeggio leads into an indirect resolution/enclosure to C. From there we have a pattern that goes up in whole steps from C whole tone scale that resolves to a delayed F. I extended the C7 harmony for another bar.

Sight reading

One quick way to improve your sight reading -- look further ahead then you are now… works for me. :)