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Stairway solo fingered

When I teach any solo, I focus on the correct fingerings/position,etc. The fingerings determine the phrasing of the notes. Pay attention and learning the details make a big different between players.

Ok, this might be done to death but I wanted to get a version out there with the “correct “ fingerings. I seen a lot of versions of this solo. Fingerings for Bar 14 and 8 always bothered me. This version is an accumulation of fingerings I have seen over the years via transcriptions and Youtube stuff. A must solo to learn for any rock guitar student. Pay attention to Bars 3, 7-8, especially Bar 14!

Mr. Page uses the Am and F major(Dm) Pentatonic scales. Using the F major pentatonic over the F chord. He transitions from F major to Am in Bars 7-8. There is only one note different between the scales( E or F) and make note where he uses the F notes. Again another detail. One could use only the Am pentatonic for the solo but the use of the F note adds movement/ tension/release to the solo.

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Any questions, please contact me.

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