Rockland County Music Programs/Classes/Group Lessons

4 Week Beginner Guitar Class

High Quality Introductory Guitar Class for Beginners.

Session 1- young children 8-11.
Session 2 - Teenagers 12-18.
Sesssion 3 -Adults

4 week sessions

The goal is to learn guitar basics( note names, basic chords, tuning) and be able to play song in a month.
Daily home practice is required.

* Classes are kept age/level appropriate and to a size where individual attention can be given to each student.
Mim 3 students/ max 5.

Benefits of groups lessons include:
* Reach goals by learning and playing with others under the guidance of a teacher. 
* Students receive  different types of training not available  in a one-on-one situation.
* Group interaction, builds confidence in the student and in their playing.
These are essential skills that are useful in “real life” playing situations.
and more.

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